19: Part 2: Mel Rubin
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Ian Tolson

19: Part 2: Mel Rubin

S1 E19 • Aug 1, 2023 • 13 mins

Mel Rubin returns to discuss the journey from seeking external validation to self-love and acceptance. Topics include overcoming social anxiety, rejecting societal conditioning, and the profound impact of investing in personal growth on happiness.

Key Points

  • Loving oneself begins by accepting and honoring every aspect of oneself, flaws and all, without seeking external validation.
  • True happiness and fulfillment come from investing in personal growth and mental, physical, and spiritual health, rather than materialistic short-term gratifications.
  • Taking accountability and ownership of one's life is crucial for personal transformation and creating positive ripple effects in the world.

We are back with Mel Rubin, what a wonderful guest to have on the show.

Thanks for your time all Mel, cheers!

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