20: Pro Conversation Tip Part 1
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Ian Tolson

20: Pro Conversation Tip Part 1

S1 E20 • Oct 1, 2023 • 7 mins

Ian Tolson discusses the impact of conversation tips, introduces a word definition segment, and explains the letter "a" in relation to time. He shares advice on being present in conversations, avoiding multitasking, and how to politely end a conversation. Listeners are encouraged to provide feedback and suggest topics.

Key Points

  • Being fully present in a conversation is more respectful and effective than trying to multitask.
  • Understanding the definitions of words can significantly enhance your ability to engage in meaningful conversations.
  • It's better to politely exit a conversation when necessary rather than being partially engaged.

We have all had good conversations before.

But what makes a good conversation?

Do they simply exist only with certain people

or is there something specific we do or think

that makes a good conversation?

Find out the first pro tip on how to have good conversations.

Plus, become more literate (I know, Soooo exciting)

Cheers my friend,

Ian Tolson

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