Episode 1: Successful Solutions Intro
Successful Solutions
Where we show you how to make Action Your Greatest Habit. Get ready to hear million dollar earners, holocaust survivors and many other guests. You can also get my free ebook or coaching session at www.iantolson.com today!
Ian Tolson

Episode 1: Successful Solutions Intro

S2 E1 • Feb 1, 2024 • 13 mins

Ian Tolson discusses the lifelong benefits of podcasting, incorporating exercises into episodes, and exercising in accessible locations. He shares his personal journey of overcoming adversity, updates on his book's second edition, defines a go-getter, and highlights free and paid coaching options.

Key Points

  • Making physical exercise a daily habit can significantly enhance both physical well-being and overall life direction.
  • Transforming detrimental habits into constructive activities can lead to profound personal growth and a healthier lifestyle.
  • Applying circular motion exercises can help in healing long-term injuries and improving physical coordination.

Intro to the show

Plus find the one exercise that is a game changer on many levels!

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