4: Ray Higdon (Network Marketing Educator)
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Ian Tolson

4: Ray Higdon (Network Marketing Educator)

S1 E4 • Jan 5, 2021 • 47 mins

Ian Tolson interviews Ray Higdon, exploring his journey from early entrepreneurial experiences and handling rejection to transitioning from a corporate career to real estate. Ray shares insights on the importance of seeking rejection, building resilience, and setting goals in network marketing. He discusses overcoming criticism, moving into coaching, and the impact of his book "Time Money Freedom." Ray also opens up about overcoming challenges from an abusive background and becoming a high-value person to attract mentorship.

Key Points

  • Embracing rejection and maintaining a strong belief in your path can significantly enhance your resilience and long-term success.
  • Taking consistent action is crucial for personal growth and achieving goals, as it provides valuable lessons and builds mental toughness.
  • Analyzing and removing incongruent aspects of your life helps align your actions and environment with who you truly want to be.

Meet Ray Higdon, a multi-million dollar earner in network marketing

Turned to coaching after so many people asked him for advice

Hear this unique and thoughtful interview about Ray and his journey

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