21: Pro Conversation tips Part 2
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Ian Tolson

21: Pro Conversation tips Part 2

S1 E21 • Dec 1, 2023 • 20 mins

Ian Tolson discusses the power of positive energy exchange, the importance of listening and caring, and offers tips on improving conversation skills. He delves into productivity, consistency in habits, and the impact of misinformation. The episode wraps up with effective questions for engaging conversations and shout-outs to supporters.

Key Points

  • Listening actively and showing genuine care can significantly improve your interactions and build stronger connections.
  • Consistent, small daily actions, even as little as 30 seconds, can lead to significant long-term results and habit formation.
  • Engaging in conversations with open-ended questions and going with the flow can make discussions more meaningful and reveal deeper insights about others.

If you want to improve your ability to connect with others and yourself on a personal level.

This episode will help with both of those things.

Short term, these changes make little difference but over a long stretch of time, your skills and abilities will become greater and you will have the opportunity to improve your life by doing these simple actions.

Stay well my friend,

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