15: Growing with Mans Best Friend
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15: Growing with Mans Best Friend

S1 E15 • Dec 1, 2022 • 17 mins

Calex Hickox shares his passion for dog handling, reflecting on his journey and starting a dog training business. He discusses communicating with dogs through food and play, views on dominance and training, and his interest in law enforcement dogs. Advice for high school graduates and the importance of failing to succeed are also covered.

Key Points

  • Finding a passion, such as dog training, can provide purpose and drive in life, leading to personal and professional fulfillment.
  • Effective communication with animals, particularly dogs, involves understanding their needs and using rewards to reinforce desired behaviors, rather than relying on dominance.
  • Failures and obstacles are essential for growth and success, as they teach valuable lessons and build resilience.

Meet Calex Hickox, he trains, loves, lives and works with dogs.

This man's life is dedication,

find out why he loves them,

sees failure as success and

why he sees life as an obstacle

and why the heart grows fonder with abstinence

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